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Mar Mar Aye Foundation to Host Fund Raising Event

Mar Mar Aye Foundation to Host Fund Raising Event for the 1st Time at the bay

On Dec 13th, 2008

The Flyer

What We Do & How We Work

What we do:

To serve public and community interests by performing traditional and contemporary Burmese Classic music

To operate programs designed to inform and educate the public about Burmese Classic music, artists, performances, festivals, radio play

Provide archival facilities for preserving and disseminating Burmese Classic music

To encourage making Burmese Classic music a part of our everyday lives

To create new and better opportunities for all persons involved in Burmese Classic music to learn and to share the common bonds of appreciation and participation in Burmese Classic music

How we work:

At the Facility community can enjoy a variety of activities and services, including:

  • Store that showcases Burmese Classic music, books, CDs
  • Classroom for educational seminars
  • Studio and Gallery

At the interactive multimedia Web site we offer

  • a large collection of music in digital format
  • artist information, performance schedules
  • interactive databases of radio shows, festivals and house concerts
  • discussion forums
  • services for artists, including online CD and MP3 sales

How you can help:

  • Volunteer
  • Contribute
  • Perform
  • Audience